HCL hiring 2024: International Voice Process

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HCL hiring 2024: HCL is hiring fresher candidates for international voice process job position. 

Below are the specific eligibility requirements and application information:

About HCL Company

Look at the HCL Technologies Ltd. or HCL Tech case in the field of IT consulting for example. It is a multinational information technology company, promoted by the Indian government and its headquarters is in Noida. HCL hiring 2024: Starting in 1991, International Voice Process was born under the guidance of Shiv Nadar, he was the one who was also the founder of HCL. 
HCL hiring 2024: International Voice Process
This company was a part of HCL which was then spun out of the company when HCL entered into the software services business. The Company is operated in 52 countries by around 225 people with different backgrounds and cultures. 944 employees on payroll.

Job Description for HCL Hiring 2024




Bachelor’s degree/ master's degree


International Voice Process Customer Support






13th-15th May 2024

Qualifications for HCL hiring 2024 

Superb as well as the communication skills both spoken and written skills are now compulsory.

A problem-solving mind-set.

Even though sometimes we think we are performing well when at the same time we are losing focus.

The capability of working well both alone and together with a team. 

A mandatory pass out is required to be delivered at the end of Graduation or 12th.

Responsibilities of HCL hiring 2024 
The above sentence implies that the clients are responded to through both the voice and the written communication. The collaboration of grounds and client in order to help them get the right outcome in a timely manner that suits their requirements is useful.

To satisfy our clients' requirements, we will handle pressure forwarded by queries about Experian company, items, services, information and accounts owned by clients.

Multitasking between client queries.

Interestingly enough, time and attendance software help you deal with your own work tasks and use workflow tools to manage them.

Ivy Leaves," her first collection is a quest for perfection and belonging.

Keep well-organized records of customer interactions and conversations through the use of the right internal system/s

To avoid making mistakes at crucial junctions by applying available knowledge tools, it is indispensable that you check the procedures that you are taking are appropriate and at the give times you are asking questions of the right order.

Mainly we will ask our internal teams to assist us or to seek support from them in order to ensure clients queries are turned around quickly.

Guarantee that the client / consumer satisfaction is the main goal of all the operational activity and the decision-making process.

Create top notch customers and client service and look forward to exceeding their expectations in every possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions for HCL hiring 2024

1. What are the terms required for HCL's pronunciation process?

Compliance with these rules requires candidates to have a bachelor's degree at the minimum level and be communicative in the English language. The previous work experience in the same position is always desirable.


2. How can I apply for the HCL hiring 2024: It is a question of how will International Voice Process (teach the speakers another language) help them and cause a greater level of integration or deeper level of segregation?

Candidates who are qualified in the position are advised to apply online via the HCL Careers website and submitting their resume through online as well as completing the application form.


3. What is the selection process for the International Voice Processing role?

The filtering procedure usually consists of CV screening, a telephone appointment and an interview as a final step. Language proficiency should be also certified among applicants, which can be reflected via language proficiency test.


4. Who are the main performers of the International Voice Process position at HCL?

Among the important job duties there is a handling of both inbound as well as outbound calls that are directed to the overseas customers, providing the right solutions for their problems, excellent customer service and achievement of the sales targets.


5. Do the employees, who are working in the International Voice Process, have a chance for any growth?

Indeed, HCL provides a good career and development. Workers can make it to bigger opportunities within the same department or move to various leads internally based on the skills and the output.

How to Apply for HCL International Voice Process
Step 1: Click the Apply Now link below.

Step 2: After that, you will be taken to HCL Careers Website.

Step 3: Login or register for applying.

Step 4: Press the Submit button.

Step 5: Fill the required details and apply for HCL Customer Support (International Voice Process).
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