American Express is hiring for data analyst

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American Express is hiring for data analyst job position. Candidates having bachelor's or master's degree can apply for this job position.

Below are the specific eligibility requirements and application information:

About Amex Company

You Lead the Way. We’ve Got Your Back.

The right kind of support would be able to multiply the connections between individuals and business and the growth becomes remarkable. When you are part of Team Amex, you are being placed in a global community of one another where we all are distinct individuals with committed mission to our customers, communities and members. But this is where you make your dreams come true with support that is personal and professional which goes hand-in-hand with benefits, programs, and flexibilities provided here.
American Express is hiring for data analyst
At American Express, what you have done is appreciated and what you have given is reflected. With your efforts and impact, you will be rewarded not just with fame but with the company itself also sharing the success. Together as a team, we will realize leadership, preserving our mission and our core business philosophy at the back of our minds that the customer’s experience will be uphold daily the best that it can be. But not only will we do it honestly with you, but it would be at a workplace where everyone is seen, heard and they feel it is their own!

It is time to bring the team together and show everyone how quick and easy our work can be.

Overview of the Business:

Credit and Fraud Risk (CFR) team is key to attain this goal because it keeps the growth of business profitable via optimizing the lowest fraud rate as well as the industry lowest credit loss rates. It leverages a basket of tools and innovative tech to deal with fraud, limit the disturbance of the bona fide spender from the hegemony, and attain Zenith of customer experience. The group head the projects that apply data and the digital progress towards risk management improvements and commerce as well trade that boosts innovation sense.

A single decision can determine the future path, yet it can also randomly change one’s fate. Moreover, it is a very serious and big deal decision as, otherwise, it will deeply affect millions of customers that this products' quality is the priority. Instead of this, it is our Analytics & Data Science Centre of Excellency within the Credit and Fraud Risk (CFR) division that provides the needed assistance. Through their actions, the team takes the lead in areas where data and digital technologies enabled risks on the one hand and business promoting Commerce and innovation on the other are managed every day.

Job Description for American Express Hiring 2024 


American Express


Bachelor’s degree


Data Analyst





Job No


Qualifications for American Express Data Analyst

I got master’s degree in economics, Statistic, Computer Science or any other related areas. • First 0-30 months for junior analysts, and 24-48 months for Sr. Analyst Req. • That includes the capacity to drive project deliverables to net results in line with organization's objectives. • The trainee's ability to exhibit teamwork Essays • These skills, such as communication and skills, play a big role in social life. • An innovative person or team player that is skillful in learning new technics and approaches quickly and who can also work independently on complex unstructured initiatives. • Ability to Engage Partners with Different Departments Around the World " • SAS is, R, Python, Hive, Spark and SQL. • Unsupervised and supervised techniques -: learning in action, transfer learning, classifying decisions using neural models, Decision trees, reinforcement learning, graphical models, Gaussian processes, Bayesian models, the Map Reduce techniques, and the ways of working with excessive features. • Proficiency in Coding, Algorithm, High Performance System Computing
Responsibilities of American Express Hiring 2024
  • Get to know their main goal and also, learn the ways that affect purchasing.
  • Make use of comprehensive data analysis as this will enable drawing of business insights and the innovation.
  • Rock clarifies the closed loop ability through Amex network and make decisions conscious and appropriate.
  • Innovate with a key objective of innovating new and better procedures or quick solutions through the use of wide data or machine learning.
  • Aggregate the business findings into visual structure and content for prospects and customers in the right audience such as leadership as well as key partners.
  • Keep an eye on this field by participating in different conferences and also reading journals in that specific area.

Frequently Asked Questions for American Express data analyst
1. Is there certain school, job, or life experience that you have that qualifies you for applying to American Express data analyst position?
To be considered, you shall be a data savvy individual with a four-year university degree, 2+ experience with data analytics tools, strong analytical capabilities, and great communication and social skills. Being part of the financial services industry is a big advantage for me.

2. One of the paramount requests is to know the wage range of the given responsibilities of data analyst.
The data analyst salary range at American Express is in direct proportion to the number of years of experience and the qualifications, but it generally ranges from $70,000 to $100,000 annually.

3. Is there any similar data projects where the data analyst can use his/her previous experiences.
At your newly gained position of data analyst at American Express, you will put your skills into use and address data analysis issues involving customers, quality monitoring, visualizations and business decision making.

4. Conveniently, what are the perks of being a data analyst at American Express?
All these perks, competitive salary, annual bonus opportunity, 401(k) matching in the organization, health and wellness programs, an employee discount as well as opportunities for career growth and professional development are some of the benefits involved.

5. Could you please let me know how an application to the role of a data analyst at American Express could look like?
That you are applying for a data analyst role at American Express, only for you to visit the company's career’s website, then search for the opening and submit an application online. The applicants will be shortlisted for interviews by the successful ones.

How to Apply for American Express Hiring 2024  
Step 1: Click the Apply Now link below.

Step 2: After that, you will be taken to American Express Careers Website.

Step 3: Login or register for applying.

Step 4: Press the Submit button.

Step 5: Fill the required details and apply for American Express data analyst.
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