Amazon jobs for freshers | Amazon VCS Jobs

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Amazon jobs for freshers is hiring fresher candidates for virtual customer service associate job position who are graduated.   

Below are the specific eligibility requirements and application information:

About Amazon Company

Our mission at Amazon is to be an earth-centric customer-oriented company that ensures customers satisfactory experience for them to always come back to us. While the Customer Service team is part of the award-winning result of this, it’s still as important as it was before for us. 

Through our finest efforts for our customers where we want to get served, we can do better and that’s why we have to act and think differently. But you won’t be asked to learn your line by heart or to recite from script, either. 
Amazon jobs for freshers | Amazon VCS Jobs

On contrary we will just equip you with the skills that will enable you to think for yourself and, in turn, do problem solving for our clients. While all of them possess the unique characters, everyone will have their one-of-a-kind style and personally perform a first-class customer support experience that our customers like and would come back for.

Job Description for Amazon Hiring 2024






Virtual Customer Service Associate


Karnataka India


Experience working with a computer

Job ID


    Putting it simply, this job rotates hours to accommodate customers whenever and whenever their needs arise. You will work overnight/day/late shifts and your work week is minimum 40 hrs, for example: Either 4: 10Hrs or 5: 8Hrs. To gear up with our customer demand, we operate the night shifts as per the shifts patterns which spreads across our operating hours i.e. 6 am to 11 pm Sundays to Monday (Sunday to Monday). National holidays are among the duties that will be expected of you to work on. In this regard, note that more information about your actual plan will be provided as the starting date comes nearer.

    Qualifications for Amazon Hiring 2024

    • Minimum age: 18-year-old
    • The right of employment in India
    • Having good command of English (Listening and reading comprehension, as well as writing and speaking skills)
    • Working with a computer being a reality.
    • The ability to work other shifts that vary from Monday to Sunday during the operational hours of 6 am to 11 pm.
    • Able to and being on call for shifts which include early, late, overnight, overtime and weekends as needed.
    • The thing you'll be using the most is a quiet place without any distractions (such as a dedicated office space with a desk and chair).
    • On the technical side, minimum 20 MB down speed and 8 MB up speed with a hard wire (not wireless) ethernet internet connection.
                Responsibilities of Amazon VCS Jobs 
                As an Amazon Customer Service Associate, you have a very clear purpose: to steer clear of issues, offering solid solutions, s and thereby super please our customers. You'll start as an agent taking direct responsibility for responding to customer's questions and concerns by means of a phone conversation, chat and/or emails which may be pertaining to the product being ordered, the payment process and the website functions. Our Customer Service Agents possess the ability of utilizing various tools, for example, networks, libraries and social networks, as well as communicating properly with customers.   
                Frequently Asked Questions for Amazon VCS Jobs 
                1. What qualifications should an individual bring along for an Amazon VCS job?
                Answer: Amazon VCS hire candidates who have graduated from high school or equivalent, have a good communication, and computer skills as a basic for the fresh positions. In addition, candidates should know how to work in shifts and have the ability to accurately serve customers.

                2. What are the steps for freshers to apply Amazon VCS?
                Answer: Students who are looking for Vacation Contracts Service jobs on Amazon can follow the same procedure by creating a profile, looking for available positions, and submitting their CV and letter online on Amazon's job portal. This way, aspiring workers can come to Amazon's hiring events or job fairs to learn more about job openings.

                3. What are the routine tasks of job positions that working at Amazon VCS includes?
                Answer: When employees are working as part of VCS in Amazon fresher are expected to give effective client service through different mediums that are phone, email or chat. Customers might be attended to, and their questions sorted out, their complaints resolved, their orders processed, and all possible client's satisfaction is ensured. Furthermore, ACS scholars have to accomplish with targets and metrics of Amazon.

                4. What is the educational process for people who work for Amazon VCS?
                Answer: Amazon has a well thought out plan that includes training all fresh graduates that the company hires for this position. The training usually consists of a combination of the classroom instruction, practical demonstration and simulations of a client-customer interactions. New staff will learn about Amazon's products/services, customer service methods and software tools applied in VCS role.

                5. Does the Amazon VCS have a path for individual employees’ career progression?
                Answer: Yes, a VCS employee can definitely find promotions and growth in his/her Amazon career. Learning experiences such as performance reviews, skills improvement workshops, and leadership training are some routes an Amazon employees can follow to advance their career in the company. Furthermore, the employees might make use of the internal posting and promotion children of VCS among the positions of VCS or other departments.

                How to Apply for Amazon VCS Jobs 
                Step 1: Click the Apply Now link below.

                Step 2: After that, you will be taken to Amazon careers website.

                Step 3: Login or register for applying.

                Step 4: Press the Submit button.

                Step 5: Fill the required details and apply for Amazon VCS jobs for freshers.
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